Justin LeBlanc

Photo Justin LeBlanc

Summary of Qualifications

Justin was raised on the water by his father. He assisted Norm around the family-founded yacht club from an early age. In the days before Travellifts, Justin helped move boats on wooden cradles around the yard with a motorized block and tackle system, running roller logs as they kicked out behind the cradles to the front to keep them rolling. Later Justin often worked as an informal first mate on yachts, charter boats, and other small craft Norm worked on or owned.

Helping pay for college as a marine dockhand, Justin’s boating skills were in demand in undergraduate and graduate school to help maintain and operate the fledgling fleets of small craft being used by marine scientists.

With a Master’s Degree in marine ecology from Harvard University, Justin has spent the past 25 years as a federal government relations professional with expertise in fisheries, Coast Guard, MARAD, Jones Act, and other marine affairs Justin is certified in The Appraisal Foundation’s “Personal Property Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (USPAP).

In August 2021 Justin successfully obtained a Diploma in Superyacht Surveying and Small Craft Surveying from the Maritime Training Academy demonstrating the achievement of an internationally recognised standard of professional competence and the commitment to professional integrity and high standards of practice governed by the Maritime Training Academy’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Justin LeBlanc